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How To Buy My First Stock

How to buy a stock

Buying your first stock is not as complicated as many make it sound or believe it to be. You do not need a fancy computer or multiple monitors. You do not need fancy scanners or a fancy degree.

First you need to establish an account with a broker much like webull or etrade. We bull has a promotion where you get two free stocks when you deposit $100 into the account and generally it’s a good starting point for first time investors. You can download webull on this link to get your free stocks

Once you have funded your account now you would look up the stock you want to purchase for example DIS (Disney) then you will pick which type of order you want to use, normally a limit order is what most people use to open a position. DIS is generally speaking a safe long term stock to purchase for investment purposes. Once you set your limit buy price you click buy and wait for the order to fill. That is it you just bought your first share of a stock!

I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. All information found here, including any ideas, opinions, views, predictions, forecasts, commentaries, suggestions, or stock picks, expressed or implied herein, are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only and should not be construed as personal investment advice. While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. All videos, posts, articles are my personal opinion and created for Entertainment Purposes only. Any information shared should be seen as purely Opinion.

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