How To Find Stocks To Trade

Something that is rarely talked about in day trading education is actually what tools to use to find stocks to trade. There are thousands of companies in the US stock market and finding one to trade on any given day can become a little bit of a challenge some might say. However, once you know what requirements you want to in the stock to have like volume, percentage gap up or gap down, price point, float, relative volume, news than all you have to do is push to the side the stocks that do not meet the requirements you are looking for.


This could be impossible for one to do by hand and in time for the market open. So there must be a tool out there that can help you comb through the entire market to find these stocks for you, some sort of screener, scrubber, a scanner that can search every ticker out there and only return back to you the ones that fall in line with the requirements you are looking for.

Free Stock Screeners

There are screeners out there that will locate tickers for you based on the criteria you input into the system online. It will search and return back to you the stocks that will fall within the criteria you chose this can be found online completely free but it must be noted these are screeners, not scanners. Stock screeners like these will not update automatically for you nor will they show live data intraday as you would want as a day trader. However, these screeners can be a great tool for you to use for swing trading and or studying charts during off-market

Stock Scanners

If you ever typed this into google you would have your head spinning because the options are endless! However, one stock scanner really stands out tall in the seat of stock scanners and this is simply because of two reasons. The first reason is these scanners are completely customizable and frankly in my experience, they are the most customizable scanners you will find in the entire industry. From volume, float to stock twits trend you can input so much specific data requirements into these scanners that it will really simplify your stock picks for the day.

The second reason this scanner software stands out is because of their proprietary artificial intelligence system that can fully automate your trading for you. The stock trading AI system is easily hands down one of the best if not the best system a retail trader could find and it is very affordable and has been proven to be very effective over time.

These scanners are none other than the famous world renounce Trade Ideas scanners I have shown in my videos and use on a daily basis to find what stocks are hot on the day. Trade ideas constantly update their extremely customizable scanners and have amazing support as well. You can check out the scanner options and prices here by clicking here the link.